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Drainage is the key to every successful civil project in Victoria. RAF has experience in conducting all sorts of
drainage solutions to a range of different projects.


Our team have been involved in the construction of just about any type of drainage system you can think of. Working with major construction companies on major projects has led RAF Civil to become experts in large scale drainage. 
When thinking about the important factors in drainage construction, we must obviously look at the quality, this is one area our experience plays a role, having experienced operators and skilled labourers who are familiar with the modern drainage systems. It is critical that a drainage system be installed correctly before backfill, therefore, we save you time and money by simply bringing our experience to the table. 
Speed, with deadlines and working alongside other trades working on their aspects of the project, it’s important we can give an accurate timeline of our works. Our drainage works are turned into a much more predictable production line, this makes works predictable to our team, the contractor, the builder and the engineers, making the process faster and importantly safer. 

Stormwater drainage is something we have been involved with on a large number of projects. With concrete pipe cradles capable of 5 tonne pipe, specialised lms on our excavators for lifting and pipe cutting equipment made specifically to eliminate kickback, we possess all the best technologies to install stormwater pipe in the safest, most reliable manner. 

Existing pit work, core drills and smaller excavators are some the equipment you may expect to see us use in existing pit works, we also have confined space equipment and crews for pit entries. Working with existing, sometimes older drainage pits requires knowledge of drainage, concreting and pipelaying, sometimes there may be no easy fix so problem solving is needed, we draw on our experience to match older drainage systems with today’s systems.

Earthworks drainage, sometimes a drainage system doesn’t actually consist of pipe and pits. We use our excavators fitted with GPS or our tilt hitch to create swail drains that flow with the lay of the land. Only experienced operators should be brought in to install a falling swail drain, so call RAF Civil, if you want the job done right the first time. 

Rock beaching, installing rock beaching requires the right equipment, our large excavators and rock based attachments and buckets have completed a bunch of rock based works all over Victoria. When working with waterways and rivers, it is important to leave the environment better than when we arrived. So rock beaching is installed to help prevent erosion and land slips around waterways. The beaching must be designed and engineered, it also pays to have an experienced operator in the seat, drawing on his or her experience from the many projects around waterways he or she has completed in the past. RAF Civil has operators who have worked all over Australia, in a range of environments, working with waterways and conducting your earthworks with respect for the environment is a skill gained over time, something our operators possess. 


• Stormwater Drainage
• Existing pit work
• Subsoil drainage
• Cross drainage
• Swale drain construction
• Rock Beaching installation


Raf civil construction labourers


  • Major Projects
  • Earthmoving
  • Clearing
  • Grading
  • Rehabilitation
  • Hard Stands
  • Haul Roads
  • Final Trim
  • RE Walls
  • Compaction
  • Drainage
  • Piling
  • Backfill
  • Trenching
  • Preparation and Sub Grade
  • Bulk Earthworks
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Our civil construction capabilites consist of earthworks, structures, drainage, services, infrastructure, rehabilitation and specialised earth works


Not just ordinary plant. Our fleet of modern machines are fitted with state of the art technologies, such as LMS, GPS, tilt hitches, grader adaptions for posi track, rock breakers, UTS systems and height and slew resrictors